Finally we are finished in Iraq

(Reuters) – U.S. forces formally ended their nine-year war in Iraq on Thursday with a low key flag ceremony in Baghdad, while to the north flickering violence highlighted ethnic and sectarian strains threatening the country in years ahead.

Finished “in” but not “with.” Problems in Iraq will influence the US directly for years to come. And most likely it will turn out as Afghanistan will, a total waste of time, money and American lives.

Great news! No more “business as usual” with Pakistan. news services
updated 11/28/2011 1:40:28 PM ET
ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani ruled out “business as usual” with the United States on Monday after a NATO attack killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, and the army threatened to curtail cooperation with Washington on Afghanistan drastically.

Thank goodness! Now, if we had any one in charge who really gave a damn, we could do some adjusting to the budget.

The amount transferred to the Pakistani Treasury in cash over 10 years has been $8.647 billion.

Let them cozy up to China or Russia. We know what they think about the spread of Islam. What a cozy little group they would make. 

Why don’t we need them?

  • The war in Afghanistan is over. If everyone comes home we don’t need a supply route.
  • Bin Laden is dead. Oh, killed in Pakistan and they didn’t know he was there – riiight.
  • The Taliban operate in and out of Pakistan with ease. Apparently there is an arrangement with someone – riiight.
  • It’s along way to Pakistan. I don’t really care what they do or say.
  • We can use the money at home.

Birth Tourism – another reason to dump the 14th Amendment

Did you know you can legally load a ship with a 1,000 pregnant women from any where, anchor it American waters and in a few weeks have 1,000 new citizens. The founding fathers had no idea the 14th Amendment would become so misused.

China’s growing class of the newly rich has found a way to skirt Beijing’s hated one-child policy: an extended vacation to the United States for the birth of a second child.
The United States has become a favorite birth destination for affluent Chinese women who want to have more children but avoid fines and scrutiny by their government.

The American born babies are automatically granted citizenship by U.S. law and the parents plan to maintain that status for their children. Once back in China, they never register their babies as Chinese citizens, enabling them to continue to stay off the radar of government officials. By Anna Schecter
Rock Center
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